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Shaw Carpet Recycling Facility Successfully Processes Nylon and Polyester

July 13, 2015 - $20 million investment in Evergreen Ringgold expands the company’s capabilities.

Shaw Industries

Shaw Industries Group, Inc. (Shaw) has enhanced its robust carpet reclamation and recycling program with the opening of its new Evergreen Ringgold facility, which can recycle nylon and polyester fiber.
This investment of more than $20 million in carpet recycling illustrates the company’s continued commitment to converting what has historically been seen as waste into a resource. Shaw will create at least 70 new full-time jobs as the facility reaches full capacity. With this scalable and flexible solution in operation, Shaw will retire its Evergreen Augusta facility in favor of new technology that better meets current and future market needs.
“Shaw continues to innovate and expand our portfolio of carpet recycling solutions. Evergreen Ringgold represents a significant step forward and is enhanced by what we’ve learned over the past decade at Evergreen Augusta – and from our strong working relationships with post- consumer carpet collectors throughout the country,” states Vance Bell, Shaw chairman and CEO. “Evergreen Augusta served Shaw and our industry well. Evergreen Ringgold enhances the long-term impact we can have, including the ability to recycle a wider array of materials.”
Located in what was previously Shaw Plant 37 – a rug distribution center, Evergreen Ringgold began operations in May and has successfully processed nylon and polyester fibers showcasing opportunities for previously untapped markets for recycled material. Evergreen Augusta will cease operations on September 1, 2015. DSM Chemicals North America LLC operated the Evergreen Augusta facility. Shaw will work with its two associates employed at the plant to find other opportunities within the company. As a joint venture partner with DSM Chemicals North America LLC in the operation of Georgia Monomers Company LLC, Shaw remains committed to the relationship and the production of raw materials on the Augusta site.
Guided by Cradle to Cradle principles, Shaw has led the establishment of infrastructure to reclaim and recycle as much end-of-life carpet as possible. Shaw has reclaimed and recycled more than 800 million pounds (360 million kilograms) of post-consumer carpet since 2006. Over that time, Shaw has introduced a portfolio of products and processes to support its customers’ sustainability priorities.
With the rise in demand for polyester carpet, new processes were paramount to Shaw’s ability to find viable solutions for carpet that has reached the end of its useful life. Evergreen Ringgold creates a high purity post-consumer recycled material that can be used in a broad range of applications. Joining the company’s elutriation, carpet-to-energy, and waste-to-energy processes, Evergreen Ringgold once again expands and diversifies Shaw’s portfolio of recycling solutions allowing the company to employ the best possible use for the materials it reclaims.
“We will continue to invest in new sustainability innovations to support our robust reclamation and recycling program,” notes Paul Murray, vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs at Shaw. “That includes maintaining our steadfast focus on designing with the end in mind and finding the best possible solutions for carpet already in the marketplace.“
Every Material, Every Process, Every Action. Designed for a Better Future: It’s Shaw’s holistic approach to sustainability. To continue to be a sustainability leader, Shaw engages with stakeholders and the market to anticipate and respond to ever-changing sustainability priorities. The company innovates by taking risks and learning from them. Guided by Cradle to Cradle, Shaw employs a diverse portfolio of sustainability solutions.
Shaw’s continued investment in recycling technology demonstrates this approach to sustainability, including the company’s commitment to Cradle to Cradle designed products and a more circular economy. As Shaw’s portfolio of recycling investments continues to expand, so does its portfolio of Cradle to Cradle certified products. In 2014, 66 percent of the sales of Shaw manufactured products are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM.