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Shaw Industries offers reasonable accommodation in the employment process for individuals with disabilities.

If you need assistance in the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time.

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The Career Path Less Travelled

Through the story of her own career journey, Melissa Pateritsas inspires others to consider how their strengths may be applied to opportunities across the company, expanding the possibilities of “what’s next.”

Shaw Industries

Awesome job Melissa! Very inspiring.
4/22/2018 12:44:59 PM
Ricky Sanford
Very well done
4/20/2018 12:00:26 AM
I started my day with this message . Very motivating . Thanks so much Melissa
4/19/2018 6:35:44 AM
Great message and well spoken. Thanks Melissa!
4/18/2018 4:07:10 PM
Awesome message thank you Melissa!
4/18/2018 1:21:53 PM
Rita Sims
Well done and well lived, Melissa! So that is what that outgoing young lady was up to
many years ago next door to Videorama... Bravo!
4/18/2018 11:28:03 AM
Very interesting and inspiring , thanks for sharing your story.
4/18/2018 9:38:18 AM
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