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Shaw Industries offers reasonable accommodation in the employment process for individuals with disabilities.

If you need assistance in the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time.

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Happy Associates = Happy Customers

Bill Magee, customer experience lead, looks at the connection between associate experience and customer experience.

Bill Magee

Customer Experience Lead
Consider for a moment: What are your three favorite brands? Now think about why they are your favorite. I suspect it’s because of how they make you feel. It is the experience that matters. In fact, according to the Conference Board, 84% of consumers believe experience is as important as a company’s products or services. 

A critical factor in creating that “Wow!” experience is a company’s associates.

Late last year, I had the opportunity to chat with a Forbes writer and our partners at Salesforce.com about the important role that associate experience plays in creating a world-class customer experience. Simply put: Happy associates equal happy customers.

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