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Shaw Industries offers reasonable accommodation in the employment process for individuals with disabilities.

If you need assistance in the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time.

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Applying with Shaw Industries – Part 2

Maggie McCallie answers some of the most common post-application questions including what happens after you apply, next steps if you don't get an interview, and what to expect with hiring and beyond.

Maggie McCallie

Talent Acquisition
Well, I’m back - by absolutely no demand whatsoever! The last post was met with a thunderstorm of apathy after all. But I will not be deterred. I will take your silence as a request for more! More! More! Request granted.

Last time, I took you on an interesting *That’s a pretty liberal use of the word “interesting”. journey through how to apply for a job with our company. But what happens after your application/resume is submitted? I’ll break it down for you.

After You Apply – What Are We Doing Over Here?
Let’s say you’ve applied for my job – Blogstress. Our recruiter who is responsible for filling this particular job will click on the job requisition and see a listing of all of the candidates. Your name will be there among the candidates. That recruiter will at some point – maybe as soon as you apply; maybe once the posting period has ended (each recruiter does his or her own thing differently) – click on your name and take a look at what you’ve submitted. Despite what you may think, that recruiter is looking at your information hoping that they’ve found the person who will fill that job. This process takes exactly 17.265 minutes. Kidding!

Truthfully, I can’t give you specifics on how much time may pass before you’ll hear something. Every recruiter and hiring manager is different. Sometimes people’s schedules are crazy and it may lengthen the process. We try to follow up with you quickly, but we may not always do a great job of that. That’s the nature of recruitment I’m afraid. We have the best of intentions, though, and hopefully that comes through. One thing I can tell you is that our online system is not who or what is taking action on your application materials. Other than the automated message you get to let you know you’ve successfully submitted everything, a recruiter is the one sending you information.

So, back to the Blogstress opening. The recruiter is looking at your application materials. What exactly are they looking for? Well, they have to see everything listed as a requirement in the job posting on your resume. There’s no getting around that. They have to. And if they see it, you may get contacted for an interview. Whether or not you are selected for an interview, you will hear something back. We don’t want to keep you guessing. And if you don’t hear back from us quickly enough, you can always check your status by logging back in (using your fabulous and memorable username and password) and checking your status under the MyJobpage tab.

What If I Don’t Get An Interview?
If you don’t get an interview, do not despair. We would love to consider you for other roles. New positions are posted almost every day. And anyway, being a Blogstress isn’t the flashy job you’d think it would be anyway. I’m not sure why you’d even want to do it. Wait a minute…why did you apply for that job in the first place? Why is my job posted? Do you know something I don’t know? Should I get my resume in order?!!! I thought I was doing a good job! This is not as easy as it looks, ya know!

Anyway, I find myself off topic again. I apologize. So, the interview process will and will take about 2 days, 4 hours and 37 minutes. Kidding again! As with the resume review phase, there’s not really a way I can give you an exact amount of time for how long this part of the process will take. We work on our end to understand availability of recruiters and hiring managers and then we contact you to find a mutually suitable time. We may bring you in; we may do a phone screen or video interview. Hiring managers may have different preferences on how to complete this process. In all cases, we respect and try to be considerate of your time.

Hiring And Beyond
So after the interview process, there’s nothing left to do but hire that perfect candidate – which we hope is YOU. Well, I suppose there’s the matter of background/reference checks, agreeing on pay, covering benefits, selecting a start date, etc. but why quibble over all of that? We’ve hired the ideal person and you’ve agreed to go to work for an awesome company! And we did it all in 47 convenient steps! Not that many of course, but we understand that applying for jobs may sometimes feel like that.

Hopefully that gives you a peek inside of the inner workings of how our Talent Acquisition group operates. What it boils down to is that we understand that when you apply for a job, you want to know that the company on the other end appreciates the fact that you have an interest. You want to know and actual human person takes the time to look at everything you’ve submitted. You want to be treated with respect – whether you are the one selected for the role or not. I want you to know that Shaw Industries aims to do all of these things. We have tried to build our process so that it is easy to navigate and a pleasant experience. We hope you can feel that. We hope you know that it is our privilege to consider you. We hope it is enjoyable for you to work with us. And hope you will try again if it doesn’t work out the first time. We consider it a compliment that you’ve trusted us to consider you.

We honestly do.