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Shaw Industries offers reasonable accommodation in the employment process for individuals with disabilities.

If you need assistance in the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time.

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A foundation for our business.

Diversity and inclusion are foundational to our business. They are necessary for innovation and growth, allow us to better understand our customers and their needs, and position us to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Corporate Diversity Council

    Providing leadership and direction on Shaw diversity and inclusion efforts.

    Supporting the growth of an environment where different ideas can be candidly shared and heard.

    Since its creation in 2007, the Council has maintained a clear mission to provide leadership and direction to diversity and inclusion for Shaw Industries.
    Corporate Diversity Council objectives include:

    • Help form and articulate the diversity and inclusion business case
    • Integrate diversity and inclusion into business strategy and operational goals
    • Support and/or sponsor diversity and inclusion related initiatives
    • Collect and share information on successful local activities
    • Serve as a local champion, giving and receiving feedback on conditions and initiatives
    • Help identify potential diversity leaders within your area

    Members lead initiatives for demonstrating inclusive leadership behaviors and put principles into action through their involvement in various work teams including education, communication, metrics, communities, customer relations, and corporate culture.

  • Inclusive Leadership

    An expectation of inclusive leadership is expected at every level of the organization.

    Leveraging the unique strengths and experiences of all individuals is critical to our success.

    The ability to make decisions and initiate action that leverages the capabilities and insights of individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, styles, abilities, and motivation is imperative to our success. To ensure inclusive leadership is practiced at every level of the organization, all associates are expected to:

    • champion diversity and inclusion,
    • demonstrate self-awareness,
    • use diversity as an advantage to gain broader perspective, and
    • convey respect of all individuals.

    As a key competency, behaviors associated with inclusive leadership are defined for all associates and are aligned with – and supported by – all talent processes. This means everything, from how hiring decisions are made to how associates are evaluated and compensated, connect to their ability to lead inclusively. 

  • Supplier Diversity

    We encourage minority and women business enterprise participation in the sourcing process.

    Shaw helps make a positive difference in the communities we serve by providing all suppliers with equal access.

    It is the policy of Shaw to provide all suppliers with a fair and equal opportunity to conduct business with Shaw.  Shaw's plan is to ensure that it receives products and services of value at the best price.  Due to Shaw's dedication to the widest reasonably possible scope of suppliers, we welcome bids from qualified small and diverse businesses.
    Employees are encouraged to have an awareness of small and diverse businesses.  Diverse suppliers include small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, minority-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, hub zone small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.
    Sourcing Teams are encouraged to include qualified small and diverse businesses on all lists of qualified bidders receiving a request for proposal (RFP).
    Shaw's Commitment in Action:
    • Participate in the Minority and Women's Business Development Group Conferences of the Institute for Supply Management.
    • Supplier Diversity Policy
    • Targeting Level 3 Traditional Supplier Diversity Program as defined by RGMA, Inc.
    • Director of Corporate Sourcing oversees program
    • Data Analyst tracks and reports minority spending on a quarterly basis.
  • Women's Innovation Network

    Unleashing the full potential of women at Shaw Industries.

    • WiN launch event, featuring guest speaker Susan Brady, Linkage.
    • Visit WiN website for more information.

    Acknowledging the important contributions of women within our industry and workplace, WiN offers a platform to engage, connect and grow.

    Women’s Innovation Network (WiN) supports the development of leaders at Shaw through resources and opportunities that help women drive successful careers. The program presents an opportunity for women to gain critical skills, contribute unique insights on business objectives, and become part of a community that inspires company loyalty.  Members have access to educational resources and training focused on career development and core competencies, mentorship, volunteerism, networking and more.

  • ShawVET: Serving Those Who Served

    Advocates for military service members, veterans, and their families.

    ShawVET is an affinity group that advocates for military service members, veterans & their families with a mission to serve those who served.

    Serving in the armed forces can teach teamwork, efficiency under pressure and the persistence needed to overcome obstacles. Recognizing the great value and diverse perspective this military service can bring, Shaw formalized its efforts to serve those who served by creating ShawVET. Aimed at supporting those who have served in the military and advocating for service members, veterans and their families, ShawVET focuses on career development, raising awareness of veterans’ skills and contributions within Shaw, and connecting to veterans in our community. Veterans make our country, our community and our workplace better places. ShawVET offers a platform for Shaw associates to engage, connect and grow – helping create a better future in the process.

  • Focus on Ability, Not Disability

    Helping youth with significant disabilities make successful life transitions from school to adult life.

    Shaw partners with Project SEARCH to offer an internship program for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    Project SEARCH takes place entirely in the Shaw workplace and provides participants with work experience and skill set development. All associates in participating Shaw departments are educated on the program and gain understanding of how to focus on skill growth and potential of the participants, not on their limitations. Many graduates have been hired by Shaw full-time and the organization is benefiting from their ongoing contributions. Equally important are the broader benefits gained by participating departments. It enlightened associates at every level on the importance of setting out expectations and allowing others to meet them without making assumptions on abilities.

  • Engaging Men in Women’s Leadership Efforts

    Shaw executives attend Linkage Women in Leadership event.

    Men leading positive change.

    Demonstrating a commitment to take action to create and sustain an inclusive workplace culture at Shaw, seven male leaders attended Linkage’s Women in Leadership event. Returning from the event, they became agents of change by sharing what they learned from their experience and facilitating discussions on organizational strategies for more rapidly advancing women in the workplace. 

  • A Culture of Candor

    Creating an environment where all ideas are heard and valued.

    Leaders demonstrate the courage to say what needs to be said and the ability listen with respect.

    Candor is central to the imperatives required for Shaw’s future success. It connects to strategy by ensuring plans and decisions are made based on complete information and multiple points of view. It drives innovation and growth by exploring different perspectives and opinions to generate new insights, ideas and approaches. And, it supports our people by fostering trusting relationships and providing timely feedback on performance to facilitate growth.
    Through focus group discussions on candor, participants and facilitators assess their understanding of the topic and discover new ways for creating a culture of candor at Shaw.

  • Leveraging Diversity to Drive Innovation

    Shaw leaders discuss the value of diversity in advancing innovation.

    • Beverly Davis on the importance of diversity and inclusion.
    • LaRuthie Mason on innovation and failure.
    • Kellie Ballew on innovation and risk taking.

    A candid discussion on challenging the status quo, taking risks, and failure.

    Shaw leaders particpate in a panel discussion answering important questions related to diversity: 

    • What does innovation really mean? Is it big change or small changes? 
    • What are ways we can think more broadly and gain greater perspective? 
    • How do you know what the appropriate level of risk taking and what does that look like?   
    • How do we get better at celebrating failures? What are the benefits of failures? 
    • What can people in this room put into practice in the next week or month to be more innovative?
  • Bilingual Toastmasters Club

    Shaw Bilingual Pioneers facilitate the needs of bilingual individuals within the company.

    Shaw establishes first bilingual Toastmaster Club in Georgia

    Shaw has the first bilingual Toastmasters club in Georgia. During their Charter Ceremony, approximately 25 associates received their official certificate as charter members of this prestigious organization.

    The Bilingual Pioneers was started to facilitate the needs of bilingual individuals within Shaw to improve their communication skills in one of their two languages. Many times bilinguals struggle with accents, grammar or vocabulary in their second language. By creating the bilingual club, associates can work on improving either language within their speeches. Also if shyness or being uncomfortable speaking is the issue, they can perform their speeches first in their native language and as they become more comfortable and confident then move to their second language. The meetings, as with all Toastmaster meetings internationally, are held in English.

  • Future Workforce Development

    Creating STEM-STEAM educational opportunities to develop our female leaders of tomorrow.

    • Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Mentorship Program
    • City Park Elementary After School Program
    • Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Mentorship Program
    • City Park Elementary After School Program

    Future Workforce Development

    At Shaw, we believe that all young students should be encouraged to pursue innovative careers that tap their interests and unlock their full capabilities. We realize that progress starts with providing access to education and innovative efforts to equip students from underrepresented groups with the right skill sets. In conjunction with important area schools and thoughtful leadership, Shaw associates have created several workforce development programs that are connecting students of diverse backgrounds with industry and career knowledge. Below, we delve into two particular educational programs that are helping students broaden their imaginations and opening doors to exciting career possibilities.

    In partnership with the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA), Shaw associates designed a mentorship program for students enrolled in the academy’s 11th and 12th grades. The program is inspired by the idea that Shaw’s female leaders are uniquely positioned to support these students in envisioning their career paths and sharing professional insights to guide them in developing a thoughtful professional roadmap.

    Led by Shaw’s Corporate Diversity Council in partnership with the Women's Innovation Network (WiN), the mentorship program partners ten girls from the academy with ten inspiring Shaw leaders to build an engaging and rewarding mentorship experience. The Shaw mentors represent all areas of the company which enables the students to learn about a range of professional roles, from IT and marketing to design and manufacturing.

    With City Park Elementary School, located in Dalton, Ga., Shaw has introduced a STEM after-school program. The semester-long class includes ten rising fourth graders and 21 rising fifth graders who are currently enrolled in the school’s free/reduced lunch program. The unique partnership positions members of Shaw’s WiN program and the company’s co-op students as ongoing mentors and leaders during the after-school program.

    By incorporating on-site experiences as well as a variety of STEM-focused projects, each student learns about a range of career opportunities in areas such as engineering, design, marketing, tech, analysis and IT. To conclude the program, the students present a finished project or presentation to members of the Shaw WiN group, Dalton Public School board members, parents and Dalton Middle and High School administrators.